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Life List and Maya

Maya... who is that?! Actually, that is the name of my sourdough starter I made fall of 2019! Something I have always wanted to do was make/master sourdough. To date I've made pasta, tortillas, cinnamon rolls, naan, traditional artisan bread of many flavors, English muffins, pancakes, waffles, pizza, bean burger buns, hot cross buns and muffins using Maya! I'm sure there will be a ton more to add to the list! It's absolutely incredible what you can make with such a simple list of healthy, wholesome ingredients.

Why did I pick the name Maya? Because I wanted a starter to be a strong inspiration for others! Much like Maya Angelo.

My favorite recipe thus far (although, it's very hard to choose) was a purple sourdough loaf. I juiced the purple carrots from my garden and used that as some of the liquid in the dough... the color turned out amazing! So much love went into this particular loaf... from planting the carrot seeds almost a year before, tending to them, then cleaning and juicing them. What a satisfying feeling to grow your own food then use it for making beautiful bread!

Come follow along my sourdough journey! I'm always happy to share starter or resources that have helped me. There are a TON of ways people make sourdough work for them. Check out @sourdoughmaya on IG and FB!

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